Men’s Health Month

Men's Health Month Flyer

Bringing Awareness to Men

Health Issues During the Month of June – Unicity Healthcare

June is National Men’s Health Month! This month is all about encouraging the men in your life (including you, men out there!) to take care of their bodies by eating right, exercising, and working to prevent disease. The official symbol for the month is a blue ribbon and the purpose of Men’s Health Month is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of diseases including cancer, heart disease, and depression.


A Message from our CEO

Developments relating to COVID-19, the coronavirus, are changing rapidly. Currently, Alameda County has implemented a “Shelter in Place” order, directing all residents to stay at home except to meet essential needs. “Essential Businesses” can remain open and are strongly encouraged to do so. Community Health Centers like the West Oakland Health Council (WOHC) are considered an “Essential Business” under the terms of the order.

As a result of this WOHC remains open to deliver healthcare services to our community during this public health crisis. While we have modified schedules, and are moving more towards phone visits and care, WOHC’s basic message is “We are here at your service.” We are open until 5 pm during the week and until noon on Saturday at the 700 Adeline clinic.

In order to protect all of us and our community from possible exposure to the coronavirus, however, if you or a family member have a cough, cold, or flu symptoms, please call the phone number below and DO NOT come into the clinic. A nurse will be able to assist with addressing your health concerns by phone, and connect you with the appropriate medical professional as needed. As an added protective step, we are screening everyone at the front door before they can come into the clinic.

For our Dental Clinic, the California Dental Association has directed that non-essential services be cancelled for the time being. Urgent dental appointments are kept. You will be notified if you have an appointment that can be rescheduled. Teeth cleaning and routine teeth maintenance will be rescheduled. You will be notified if you have an appointment and otherwise need to visit the dental clinic. Similarly, optometry visits may be limited in the near term as well.

If you are not visiting our clinic, please take appropriate precautions, wash your hands frequently, remain at an appropriately safe distance from others, and keep safe and in good health.

Preston DuFachard

50th Anniversary Gala

50th Anniversary Gala

West Oakland Health Council celebrated its 50th Anniversary in February 2019.  The  Gala was held at the Oakland Marriott and honored several people as trailblazers and pioneers in their respective areas of service through altruism and commitment to excellence.

For 50 years West Oakland Health has championed the health of the East Bay African American community and strives to meet the needs of the region’s  growing and diverse population. West Oakland, East Oakland and Berkeley have long relied upon the West Oakland Health Council to provide affordable, high quality healthcare services.