Community Resource Representative

POSITION:Community Resource Representative 
REPORTS TO:Registration Manager
DEFINITION:Under the general supervision of the Registration Manager, the Community Resource Representative will, according to instructions, perform a variety of duties that require the exercise of independent judgment.  The Community Resource Representative will seek to insure that all patients are aware of the resources available that would assist them in receiving care for their medical and health-related social problems.


Possession of a high school diploma.  
Knowledge of the basic elements of correct English usage, spelling and mathematics.  Also requires knowledge of general office methods, equipment, and correspondence.                                
One year of recent full-time paid employment interviewing and enrolling eligible applicants into health insurance programs, preferably in a community health center setting is desired.
Experience using the NextGen Electronic Practice Management System for patient appointment scheduling and appointment check-in is desired.
Fluency in Spanish is preferred.
Ability to type at least 25 words per minute and experience working in a Microsoft Windows environment.
Ability to write and speak clearly and effectively to a wide variety of individuals.
Must be able to pass a physical examination and be free of communicable diseases.


In a courteous and professional manner, registers private pay patients and patients with insurance in accordance with written procedures. Verifies insurance coverage; completes all necessary paperwork; assigns appropriate payor codes; enters information into the computer system and routes encounter forms appropriately.  

Uses the computer terminal to update patient demographic, insurance, and other information as needed at the time of each visit.  

In a courteous and professional manner, provides patients with printed materials that explain the Health Council’s services and policies.  Also provides patients with printed materials that explain the eligibility guidelines and services covered by various County, State, and Federally funded programs.  

In a courteous and professional manner, may assist patients and families with personal and environmental difficulties that predispose to illness or interfere with obtaining maximum benefits through referrals to other agencies and institutions, or to one of the Council’s Patient Care Coordinators; documents all referrals and follow-ups as appropriate.

In a courteous and professional manner, collects patient payments, provides change as needed, issues receipts and forwards monies to the Accounting Department with copies of the receipts.  Is personally responsible, as custodian, for maintaining cash receipts and change funds in accordance with written procedures.
Performs clerical and other related duties required to complete assigned duties, to document their performance, and to maintain required departmental records.  Makes photocopies of patient identification and insurance information; files all completed forms, Medi-Cal slips, signature sheets, etc. on a daily basis; submits a daily log sheet of all patients served to the supervisor; and is responsible for ordering and maintaining office supplies needed to perform required duties.

Provides backup for other staff when necessary to insure that there is continued, uninterrupted patient flow.

Attends staff meetings and in-service training sessions, as scheduled; reads, understands, and follows those procedures relevant to the assigned duties; and advises the supervisor of any difficulties in either understanding or performing the assigned tasks.


  • Attends work regularly and punctually; is readily accessible to peers during work hours; limits absences from own duty stations and limits visits and activities which distract others from their performance of duties.
  • Works cooperatively with immediate supervisor, with department members, and with other Council staff persons, as required.
  • Treats all patients / clients / visitors with respect and courtesy.
  • Remains competent in skills required for position.
  • During the initial thirty (30) days of employment, becomes and remains knowledgeable about and in compliance with the Council’s, and Department policies and procedures in the following areas:
    • Confidentiality of patient / client / fellow employee and supplier records.
    • Patient’s rights and responsibilities.
    • Professional and business ethics.
    • Continuous quality and improvement.
    • Safety and security of person and property.
    • Infection control.
    • Hazardous materials and waste.
    • Life safety and emergency preparedness.
  • Maintains a working knowledge about and continued compliance with all of those areas listed under item (5) throughout your employment with the Council.
  • Provides services appropriate to the age of the patients / clients / visitors served.
  • Is able to work and/or interact satisfactorily with a workforce and public which is ethnically and culturally diverse.
  • Is responsible for performing other assigned duties which are related to the above and which fall within the scope of this job description.