In February 2019, the Board of Directors named Mr. Preston DuFauchard as the new CEO for the West Oakland Health Council. Mr. DuFauchard is a former member of the Board of Directors for the Council who stepped down to become the CEO for WOHC on an interim basis in August 2018.

Today The West Oakland Health Council continues to grow as a nonprofit community health center with four sites providing primary care, women, children and infant care, behavioral health, substance abuse recovery services and an oral health program to residents of West, North and East Oakland, Emeryville and Southwest Berkeley. WOHC continues to be the go-to community health center for the African American community in Alameda County while also embracing the diversity in the region, welcoming Middle Easter, Latino, LGBTQ as well as the homeless community. The current leadership is committed to forging strong non-profit and government partnerships to make WOHC more than a health center, but rather a one-stop community wellness hub and socioeconomic engine for the region. 

In addition to providing the highest quality, full spectrum of medical care, WOHC also envisions a full complement of other services that are proven social determinants of health, such as safe neighborhoods, access to health fresh food, job training and internships, and affordable housing.

WOHC mission is to improve the health and socioeconomic status of communities by providing the highest quality preventive care and treatment for diverse neighbors throughout the East Bay. WOHC strives to be the hub of health, well-being, connection and inspiration. 

CEO’s of West Oakland Health Council

Robert Council
Dr. Robert Cooper

BenjaminPettus Jr.
Preston DuFauchard

Please visit our website at www.wohc.org for more information.