Medical Assistant II

POSITION:Medical Assistant II
REPORTS TO:Clinic Manager
DEFINITION:Under the general supervision of the Clinic Manager, the Medical Assistant performs basic and other patient care services for which the Medical Assistant has received instructions and demonstrated competency. This includes collecting blood samples from patients to be sent out to contracted laboratories.


High School diploma or its equivalent.
Ability to project a positive, concerned image to the public.
Have worked in a health care facility as a medical aid/medical assistant or certified nursing assistant for at least 6 months.
Visual acuity of at least 20/40 with degree field of vision.
Basic training and certificate as Medical Assistant/CNA or Medical Aide.
Possession of current phlebotomy certification required.
Speak, read, write and comprehend fluent English. Bilingual fluency in is preferred. 
Proficient in Microsoft word and Excel with preferred knowledge of Next-Gen Electronic Health Records. 
Demonstrates effective nursing computer, clerical and interpersonal skills within the first 90 days of hire. 
Ability to remain calm and courteous in a high stress environment and in dealing with the general public.
Willingness and ability to travel to different council clinics to perform work as Medical Assistant. 


Prepares exam rooms for patient visit using infection control procedures.
Performs patient intake utilizing Electronic Health Records. 
Monitors patient flow and make appropriate recommendations. 
Performs select physical exams i.e. diabetic foot exams, audiograms, etc. 
Advocates and performs standing orders for labs, EKG, Chest –X-ray and other tests as necessary.
Performs Autoclave duties of cleaning and sterilizing instruments by clinic practitioners and clinic protocols. 
Provides patient education and information as instructed by clinic practitioners and clinic protocols. 
Works effectively on Adult, OB, and Pediatric units as wells as Medical records units as assigned and assists medical clerk at front desk as assigned. 
Travels to different Council clinics as assigned. 
Performs administrative and other clinical duties as assigned.
Excellent communication skills with ability to articulate clearly and confidently; greets patients with courtesy and respect. 
Creates and maintains complete and accurate documentation of all activities and clinical logs. 
Advocates and acts as patient liaison to improve health care maintenance needs. 
Upon completion of training; participates in panel management, referrals processing, hospital transition care, and patient prior authorization procedures. 
Collects blood samples from patients including infants, children, adolescents, and adults. Adult patients include the elderly and those with history of IV drug use.
Answers patient questions regarding collection technique practices.
Proper patient identification, labels vials with patient names and dates properly.
Packages and arranges for transport to a contracted lab on time.
Keeps phlebotomy cart or station clean and well organized at all times.
Complies with proper infection control standards at all times.


Attends work regularly and punctually; is readily accessible during work hours to peers; limits absences from own duty stations and limits visits and activities which distract others from their performance of duties.
Works cooperatively with immediate supervisor, with department members, and with other Council staff persons, as required
Treats all patients / clients / visitors with respect and courtesy.
Remains competent in skills required for position, by attending scheduled in-service.
During the initial thirty (30) days of employment, becomes and remains knowledgeable about and in compliance with the Council’s and Department policies and procedures in the following areas:Confidentiality of patient / client / fellow employee and supplier records.Patient’s rights and responsibilities.Professional and business ethics.Continuous quality and improvement.Safety and security of person and property.Infection control.Hazardous materials and waste.Life safety and emergency preparedness.
Maintains a working knowledge about and in continued compliance with all of those areas listed under item (5) throughout your employment with the Council.
Provides care appropriate to the age of the patients / clients / visitors served.
Is able to work and/or interact satisfactorily with a workforce and public which are ethnically and culturally diverse.
Is responsible for performing other assigned duties which are related to the above and which fall within the scope of this job description.
This position falls under an exclusive bargaining agreement with United Health Care Workers’ West Union Local 250, SEIU, AFL-CIO; and requires employee membership.