Program Manager, Narcotics Treatment Program

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Under the direction of the Director of Behavioral Health and the Medical Director for SUDS the Program Director is responsible for direct clinical services, clinical supervision, and oversite activities including compliance with internal, state, county and federal regulations; the provision of high quality, cost-effective client care, and the reduction of funding dis-allowances from funding sources due to improper charting and billing. Compliance monitoring includes DHCS Narcotic Treatment Program Guidelines, Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services guidelines, The Intergovernmental Agreement, and legislation, such as Title 22 that pertains to documentation and quality of care.


1 . The preferred incumbent will have at least 5 years experience working in Substance Use Disorders programs.

         At least 5 years of experience in a supervisory capacity.

         Familiarity with the guidelines and regulations pertaining to the standards of care and documentation for Narcotic Treatment Programs.

         Ability to establish rapport, systemically gather data, determine the readiness of the individual for treatment and change and apply accepted criteria for diagnosis of substance use disorders.

         Ability to analyze and interpret data to determine treatment recommendations and priorities.

         Ability to screen for co-occurring mental health issues; for psychoactive substance toxicity, substance toxicity, intoxication, and withdrawal symptoms; for danger to self or others.

         Able to demonstrate ethical and behavioral standards of conduct.

         A Master’s Degree in a behavioral health field, e.g. social work, psychology or other related field.

         An active license or registration (e.g., LCSW, ASW, MFT, AMFT, APCC, LPCC, PsyD) with the State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences. (REQUIRED)

         Requires a valid California driver’s license, a satisfactory driving record, and the ability to meet West Oakland Health Council’s requirement for insurance coverage.

         As a condition of employment, a physical examination and drug-free status is required.


1 . Develop, coordinate and manage quality management and regulatory compliance functions.

         Oversee and actively guide utilization review, confidentiality of records and peer review in accordance with federal, state, and local government requirements.

         Provide data to the Director of Behavioral Health and the Medical Director of SUD services regarding program operations.

         Work closely with SUD counselors to support ongoing compliance with quality service and documentation standards.

         Assist with implementation of Corrective Action Plans (Plans of Correction).

         Participate in CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) meetings and committees.

         Review and certify all SUD charts for compliance with regulations.

         Plan, implement and provide continual monitoring of hard-copy documentation as well as electronic health records.

         Oversee data entry of all billable INSYST data and DATAR reporting has been completed as required by assigned staff.

1 0. Monitor and maintain all required program licenses and certifications in cooperation with the DBH and MD of SUD.

1 1 . Participates in Alameda County Behavioral Health Quality Assurance technical assistance activities, Quality Improvement trainings, and collaborative meetings.

Attend and participate in WOHC Continuous Quality Improvement meetings and projects

1 3. Conduct intake assessments for new clients.

14. Provide direct service for up to 10 clients.

1 5. Supervision of counseling staff and administrative staff.

1 6. Other duties as assigned.


1 Attends work regularly and punctually; is readily accessible during work hours to peers; limits absences from own duty stations and limits visits and activities which distract others from their performance of duties.

         Works cooperatively with immediate supervisor, with department members, and with other Council staff persons, as required

         Treats all patients / clients / visitors with respect and courtesy.

         Remains competent in skills required for position.

         During the initial thirty (30) days of employment, becomes and remains knowledgeable about and in compliance with the Council’s and Department policies and procedures in the following areas:

         Confidentiality of patient / client / fellow employee and supplier records.

         Patient’s rights and responsibilities.

         Professional and business ethics.

         Continuous quality and improvement.

         Safety and security of person and property. Infection control.

         Hazardous materials and waste.

         Life safety and emergency preparedness.

         Maintains a working knowledge about and in continued compliance with all of those areas listed under item (5) throughout your employment with the Council.

Provides care appropriate to the age of the patients / clients / visitors served.

8. Is able to work and/or interact satisfactorily with a workforce and public which is ethnically and culturally diverse.

Please submit a cover letter explaining how your previous experience fits with the requirements of this position.

DEPARTMENT: Behavioral Health


POSITION: Program Manager

REPORTS TO: Director of Behavioral Health