World AIDS Vaccine Day

World AIDS Vaccine Day

Since the first cases of AIDS were reported in 1981, hundreds of thousands of health professionals, scientists, volunteers, and community members have worked tirelessly to combat AIDS and find an AIDS vaccine. On World AIDS Vaccine Day, May 18th, not only do we give thanks to all those who have worked to fight this disease, but we also honor all the people who have succumbed to the disease. While recent advances for AIDS vaccines have moved the needle and got us closer to a cure, we are not there yet.


The Race for an AIDS Vaccine

There have been many breakthroughs in AIDS treatments, and we are closer than ever to a vaccine, but there is still work to be done. The AIDS virus is unlike other viruses which makes developing a vaccine for it so difficult. Currently, researchers are working on different types of experimental vaccines in the hopes of finding a cure for this deadly disease.

Educating Communities

It is important to continue to educate communities on HIV and AIDS prevention. Educating under-served communities and minority populations is important to preventing HIV. Using proper protection and not sharing needles are just two things you can do to protect yourself against contracting HIV. Donating to the research for an AIDS vaccine also helps in the effort to quickly find a vaccine for the disease.

How to Celebrate World AIDS Vaccine Day

The best way you can celebrate World AIDS Vaccine Day is to not only get the word out to others but also thank those in the health industry who have worked to combat the disease. Post to your personal social media pages announcing this national awareness day and make sure you tag us at Donate on World AIDS Vaccine Day. You can make a donation here. The more awareness people can raise about finding a cure for AIDS, the faster we can find a cure.

For more information on World AIDS Vaccine Day check out this link.